Bold Stripe

Bold Stripe 4






One thought on “Bold Stripe 4

  1. LOVE your Bold Stripe Blanket 4. Really want to crochet this one in the colors you made yours in (surprise for my husband). I’m not sure what DK yarn is? Also, can you please tell me the exact colors you used on this particular blanket and how many rows you did of each color?
    I just recently found you and have been receiving emails when you post. I’m so excited that I found you. Absolutely love your work and am thoroughly impressed with your designs.

    Also read your background and how your 4-H Leader taught you crochet. My grandson is in 4-H and is learning about cattle. What a fantastic experience you had and I hope my grandson learns as much as you did.

    I hope I’m not asking too much from you regarding the #4 Bold Stripe Blanket, but this has captured my heart and I want to share it as a gift to my husband.

    You can email me the info directly at
    I sincerely appreciate it very much – Bobbie 🙂

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