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VVCAL Blanket: Patchwork No. 11

VVCAL Free pattern – 33 different granny squares and various joining methods and a wide lace border with unique corners.

This blanket was a joy and also a labor of love! I used KnitPicks Palette yarn, and 3 shades of green for the 54 squares.

I also used a bunch of different joining methods, but finally settled on a version of Flat Braid with only 1 chain. It looks like a “tiny cable”  – Video Tutorial.

Hope y’all enjoy it! 🙂 ❤️❤️

Find more VVCAL blankets here! They’re so fun to make and great for stash busting. Makes your remnants look awesome.


3 thoughts on “VVCAL Blanket: Patchwork No. 11

  1. How big was the blanket? And how big were each of the squares? This looks so beautiful and im ready to try it out!

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