Sunburst Flower No. 7

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7 thoughts on “Sunburst Flower No. 7

  1. karla c says:

    so gorgeous!!! I’m horrible at math, if I wanted to make this to fit a twin size bed what would the numbers be? I brought a set of your patterns on Etsy and I see your 7 on top and 6 on the side…could I just add and odd number on top and and even on the sides? thanks for any advice!!!

    • babylovebrand says:

      The “add odd number on top” solution is correct! And for the sides it can be odd or even 🙂

      When I make a twin I *usually* do 9 on top and 10 or 11 on the side for a 49×64″ including the edging.

      Thank you!

    • babylovebrand says:

      Este patron se llama “Cottage Quilt” y se encuentra en Etsy, Ravelry, y Craftsy – pero desafortunadamente no se como hacer graficos – todos mis deseños Estan escritos nomas.

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