Pacific Circles

Pacific Circles No. 3 and 4

Design Profile

  • Pattern: Flowers in the Snow
  • Materials: Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” and Red Heart Super Saver (I buy from for a softer product!)
  • Construction: Circles are Flowers in the Snow, joined with the black, using an opulent cosmic color placement Continuous Join-as-you-go freebie on my crafter site!






4 thoughts on “Pacific Circles No. 3 and 4

  1. I think you’re a genius when it comes to colorwork! You’re kinda my hero…truly! I haven’t seen anything at all, of your creations, that didn’t make me marvel at the colors, placement of squares, and borders! Oh boy do you ever make beautiful borders!
    I don’t know if it’s a trick of the camera, but I’ve noticed that your squares (the un-texturized stitches ones) always look like the stitches are poofy. They look like a blanket made with them would be squishy soft! Like a duvet tell with down filling. Do you know what I’m trying to describe? I can’t think of the right words to describe this! LOL! Do you have a special technique that makes flat granny clusters look like puff or popcorn stitches?
    Again, you’re my hero and I think you’re a Crochet blanket design genius!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m trying to think of what it may be that I do to make my flat sts look “puffy”! 🙂

      One thing is, I never work chains between my 3 DC clusters (or “granny clusters”) so when I work the next row clusters down between them, it does cause a “pulling in” texturing effect. My gauge on granny squares is smaller because of it also. And I do sometimes turn my work after every round on grannies just to create even more texture.
      These things could cause what you describe! Hope you enjoy browsing and crafting along 🙂
      – Rachele C.

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