Modern Patchwork No. 4

Design Profile

  • Pattern: Etsy and Ravelry
  • Materials: Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” – Size K (6.5mm) hook
  • Construction Features: Squares joined with awesome updated granny border.
  • Similar Pieces: Patchwork
  • Design Inspiration: Pink and Grey rooms at interior/exterior design site
  • More Related Links: Browse this blanket in my Etsy Shop!








11 thoughts on “Modern Patchwork No. 4

  1. How lovely – great idea for next baby ghan that has a limited color palette as this will make it so interesting!!!

  2. I have used this pattern to make the motifs. I really like the way your joining of them looks, but the pattern sends me to a page that shows how to do a CJAYG with grannie squares. I want to do CJAYG, but what stitch did you use here?

    1. Hi there! Head to – pattern guide – free patterns: joining methods ❤️❤️❤️ Its the newest join on there! 😊 Hope it helps! – Rachele C.

  3. I purchased the modern patchwork pattern and cannot find it in my computer. I’m having a hard time following the instructions for the chevron square

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