Floral Baby Blanket

Floral Baby Blanket No. 1










5 thoughts on “Floral Baby Blanket No. 1

  1. Is there a chance that a flower pattern could show up sometime? Maybe even something on joining these beauties together. This to me is a true CAL project.

    Just like seeing what you have made this time.

  2. This “Floral Baby Blanket” pattern is no longer listed on Etsy. I have email Ali Keren, but have not gotten a response. Any chance I can purchase this pattern from you? I would really love to make this for my first grandchild!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Michele,
      Did you manage to get hold of Adi Keren and the pattern for the floral baby blanket? Or did you find the same kind of pattern anywhere else? Would love hear about how you got to the pattern as I would like to get is as well to make this adorable baby blanket for my niece.
      Kind regards,

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