Pixelated No. 3







8 thoughts on “Pixelated No. 3

  1. This appears to have a raised seam in only one direction: have you seamed the squares in one direction on one side and then in other other direction on the opposing side? Its very interesting!!!!

      1. Greetings and thanx for writing back so quickly!!! I Am well acquainted with Lucy’s Lovely Blog!!! I just finished a baby ripple ghan and was intending to make another in a continuous granny but think now I make try my hand at one like this!!!! I Am new to your blog and LOVE your pieced works!!! ❤ <(")

    1. No, I don’t – this is remnants from my stash, but it’s mostly Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” – one day I’ll get more organized and document! 😉

      – Rachele C.

  2. Are there directions for making the squares? I see it’s a small granny sq and I’ve made a bunch, but wondered where these instructions can be found. Thanks!

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