Offset Circles

Offset Circles Blanket – Pattern available!


Offset Circles just might be my favorite design yet! I made it with a size H hook in my beloved Stylecraft DK Lucy Pack – perfect!! I can’t wait to make it in neutral, sandy tones with pale blues… Luuushh!

Available on three convenient crafty websites!
Etsy || Ravelry || Craftsy

Pattern includes:
Offset Circle – Square Motif
Offset Circle – Hexagon Motif
Half-hexagon gap filler (Offset Circle chopped down the center!)
Join as you go instructions!
Three great border options!

Go get it and fall in love with this funky piece!



3 thoughts on “Offset Circles Blanket – Pattern available!

  1. REALLY, REALLY battling with reading this pattern..right from the word go! Will send you an email to explain

    1. Hi there! Feel free to send a photo of your current efforts to CypressTextiles @ Gmail . Com and I will assist! With the pic, I can figure out the issue. Thank you! – RC

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