Geometric Lace

Geometric Lace No. 37

20140606-163942-59982564.jpg Mat to put on the ground and watch the parades at Disney! Many good things to say about this project when I have time to update this post. 🙂 More info soon! Free pattern here!


So many gorgeous blankets have been made using the Geometric Lace pattern with a single color joining the completed hexagons, instead of using the JAYG instructions included in the pattern. I love how the grey shows off the “twist” of the join.


My blanket is a Disney World parade sitting mat, so it is made thicker than my standard blanket, and it is also narrower. This measures 30×60″ with border. The color palette is cased on the Tremaine family – Cinderella’s step-family – and so the colors are Aqua, Lime, Hot Pink, and Red. The cat featured in the hexagons is Lucifer, Lady Tremaine’s pet cat. 🙂

20140603-210033-75633865.jpg 20140606-135618-50178693.jpg

The simple yet elegant border is the same one that I used in my Modern Patchwork pattern – very easy and so classic!

  20140606-163942-59982906.jpg 20140606-163943-59983318.jpg


4 thoughts on “Geometric Lace No. 37

  1. I love this join! Please can you tell me where I can find/buy the instructions. Also, is it suitable for left hander?! Thanks

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