Gumball No. 14


Perfect for your little man, this opulent and modern baby blanket is also ultra soft!

Design Profile

  • Location: Nebraska
  • Pattern: Gumball blanket – info here!
  • Materials: Various green, yellow, brown in my stash, plus white Lion Brand “Pound of Love” – Size N (10mm) hook
  • Construction Features: Join as you go
  • Similar Pieces: Gumball
  • Design Inspiration: I call this style piece the “White Circles” blanket – read about original inspiration here
  • Shop this Blanket: White Circles on Etsy


I have so much fun making these pieces. The white circles are therapeutic to churn out and it’s always calming to select color placement.


Fading from bold to light shades creates movement for the eye to peacefully follow the color lines. So often crafters try to balance every color through the work, making sure that no one shade stands out over any other. I do appreciate symmetry and balance, but I also think movement is important. When your eyes fall on a perfectly balanced color pattern, they don’t really know where to look, so they find themselves jumping frantically, oddly trying to make sense of the layout. A more calm visual experience is attained through color shading.


Fin! All edged up and ready to go!

White Circles on Etsy



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