Geometric Lace

Geometric Lace No. 20


My most popular design, this GeoLace features a bold selection of color with a pretty dark grey lace border.

Design Profile

  • Location: California
  • Pattern: Geometric Lace (Main Page)
  • Materials: Any soft worsted weight yarn with size K (6.5) hook – or your favorite yarn with your favorite hook
  • Construction Features: Join-as-you-go hexagons, bordered with scallop lace
  • Similar Pieces: Geometric Lace
  • Design Inspiration: Geometric Lace No. 3
  • Shop this Piece: Etsy

Absolutely cannot believe this is my 20th version of my GeoLace design.

The recipient of this blanket requested that it resemble my 3rd GeoLace, but “with perhaps a bit more green.” 🙂 I tried to carefully match the color placement, and added greens between the aqua and the blue/purple bits. I think it does go very well with the extra green tones.


This piece is 60×76″ – I used worsted weight yarn and a size K (6.5mm) hook. I have heard some folks say that this funky color-way is their favorite, and I do love working with it as well. The colors blend nicely without being too muddy with one another.


“Great art picks up where nature ends.” ~ Marc Chagall Wiki||Biography||


Flow and movement are important to me in these pieces and I am so pleased with the opposing corners of yellow and aqua. The dark grey border really sets it all off – adding more photos with finished border tomorrow!



GeoLace on Etsy

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