Geometric Lace

Geometric Lace 14


Geometric Lace headed to Florida! Love this one with the floral detail.

Check out the pattern for sale on Ravelry and Etsy, or look into buying this blanket as a custom, handmade item.

The borders on this motif absolutely square the edges – check out the motif without any adjacent hexes attached! The petals are much more prominent.



Because of the color palette, I often get asked what yarn I use and how I choose colors.

I use 100% acrylic yarn that is available in the craft store – Lion Brand, Caron, Red Heart, and Hobby Lobby! I choose colors by leaving it up to God and the educated. What? hehe – I look at flowers, animals, and at art, products on the market, clothes… everything! Inspiration is everywhere.


To work this blanket, I choose a main color family for each corner (this particular one has green in the center also). I work a motif and then I measure it, then factoring in the border, I estimate how many motifs I need to go across. I start working in the corner and then when I get about 40% up the side, I start transitioning in the other corner’s color. I try to put light colors next to lights and darks next to darks, that way everything looks as smooth as I can.


The border is my normal lace, with a cool wavy twist because of the petals. Love it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Geometric Lace 14

  1. HI how many hexagons do I make for this blanket? I could not find it in the pattern. DId I over look it?

    1. Hi, Miss Joyce! Sorry I haven’t been available for you! I join the hexagons as I go, so the blanket “grows” as I make it, making it easy for me to stop when it’s big enough. The hexes that I make are 6″ across because they have an extra DC round, so I use 39 to make a baby blanket that’s 36″ square (accounting for 2″ of lace border).

      With the 4.5″ hexes in the pattern, you may do a 7×7 configuration that would be 46 hexes (7,6,7,6,7,6,7 rows of hexes) for a baby blanket.

      Hopefully this helps! 🙂

  2. Hi there! This hex looks different to the hex pictured in your pattern on your etsy shop… Do you have a pattern for this one? 🙂

    1. Hello! 🙂
      Yes, I did another round in these hexes that makes them larger – the pattern is not written, and I completely re-vamped the lace for the blanket. I’ll be updating the pattern and sending an update to everyone who has already bought the pattern.

      The updated pattern will include instructions to increase or decrease hex size. 🙂

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