Framed Garden

Framed Garden 8


A different Framed Garden blanket for my neighbor who had a boy! 🙂

Okay, so one night I had a serious itching to bang out some motif centers. On my breakfast table below are the centers of eight motif blankets that I had coming in my queue. Two Meteor Shower, three Textured Circles, one floral hexagon, one Framed Garden (this blanket), and one Babouska Rose.

I got them all done within 24 hours and was super-stoked. Don’t you feel like a blanket goes so much faster when you don’t have to make that initial slip knot anymore because all the centers are done?


Here you will see the beginnings of my Attic24 Summer Garden Granny Square. This time around, it’s a bit different. I only worked up through round three because I’m going to be using the continuous join as you go as demonstrated by Crochet Cabana in her YouTube tutorial.


Almost done! Loving this one..


Since this was a giftie I just had to go with the unconventional blue border. I couldn’t help it! I wanted to try it out and I think it went well. Here are some notes on this border:

Using my normal K hook, I worked my normal granny round of baby blue.

*Usually when I work grannies, I flip the work after every round, but since the center of the blanket is all motif squares, the blanket doesn’t really distort even though I’m not turning over.*

Keeping the blue color, I worked a round of solid DC. I worked a DC into each chain, working INTO the chain, instead of in the chain space, because I don’t like the “dip” that working into the chain space creates.

Then I switched to a J hook for the final reverse SC (crab stitch) round just to prevent any “ruffling” of the final border.






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