Babouska Rose

Babouska Rose 1


Babouska Rose Blanket free pattern by Sewing Daisies

Officially my new favorite pattern! Want pattern info? I wrote a whole post about it here! Custom blanket available in my Etsy shop this weekend. Would be really great in a guest bedroom.

Here is the cute and cozy little block. I can’t get enough of it.


Progress! Join-as-you-go in a thin red mini-twist. I love the pale turquoise with the red.


My rose garden.




I added a DC, Ch1 border, then a round of picot. Pretty and understated!




35 thoughts on “Babouska Rose 1

  1. Can I order a Babousk Rose Blanket from your shop without signing up for an Etsy account and giving them my info.
    Also, I am interested in ordering this blanket in a slightly different color. Thx! Laurie

  2. Hi. I’m a VERY basic crochet(er). Is there a free pattern for the rose shown here please?

    Thanks Sandi

    1. I search what seemed like hours for the rose pattern. I found it on site, “Little Treasures – How to read Granny Square with a Rose”. There’s also a video tutorial for a similar rose pattern, You Tube, “C.A.L Granny Rose.”

    2. Agree! I’ve been all over these pages and there is no pattern. Only a chart, which is fine if you read charts but at least state that is all there is. If you don’t want to share a printed pattern then don’t , that’s fine; it’s very unprofessional to offer something for free or a charge that is either unusable or simply doesn’t exist

  3. I spend a long time looking for written instructions on many sites that say FREE pattern why do they go round the sun to meet the moon……I am still non the wiser! frustrated

    1. For this particular pattern, the creator of the Rose chart 1) asked that her pattern not be expressly copied on any site, and 2) has stated on her blog that she does not plan on writing out the instructions. In my personal experience it’s hard to balance writing free patterns and doing daily life! You just have to write when you can. And I can’t step on the original creator’s toes by just writing out her pattern when she asks not to replicate it. I do appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for the pattern! It’s a great one! And maybe even an opportunity to learn to crochet from a chart – there are so many lovely Japanese patterns out there that are charted for international use. Just lovely! Happy crafting to you and hope you had a great holiday season!

      1. I have been looking for this pattern for YEARS – my great-aunt had a blanket just like this. Now I’ve taught myself how to read a chart so I can make this blanket. It is well-worth the effort!

      2. I ok was looming forever for the rose pattern….I have the pattern from instructions that was included on the wrapper of skeins of yarn from years ago. I have to locate it in my vast patterns but when I do I WILL post it. What’s the big secret anyway. If you are not willing to share the pattern don’t post the project. Doing so only tells prep look what I did but you can’t haha I’m that good. Get over yourself!!!!

      3. Hi there! I’m not sharing the pattern because I did not write it and the actual creator of the chart has asked that it not be reproduced in any way. So it’s more of an ethics thing than a bragging thing. Thank you and happy crafting!
        Rachele C.

  4. I made this blanket over 25 years ago. It was in a Leisure Arts Book, I believe. Loaned the book to a friend, who never returned it. Have been searching for the pattern on and off for at least 15 years. Saw it today on
    Is there any way to get written instructions, or, to find out which book the pattern came from.
    The “designer” who is taking credit for this item is being a bit disingenuous, in so far as claiming to have designed the pattern, unless she is a VERY elderly person. I happen to be 73 and made this blanket in the late 70’s.
    Thanks for any info.
    R. Long

    1. I’m with you! My mother in law and her sister (both deceased more than 10 years now) made this exact blanket in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s, and the roses looked just like this. I will try to find the book they used in the next week or so, and if so, I will share the pattern. It is out of copyright by now anyhow. There is no reason not to share it, and it’s ridiculous to offer a pattern like this without providing the main part of it. Their crochet patterns are packed away, so I can’t reach them immediately.

  5. So beautiful. Thank you so much! Would you be able to gibe a rough idea on how many squares are needed for a baby aND adult sized blanket? Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.


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