Geometric Lace 13


Off to Illinois to arrive in time for a 15th wedding anniversary 🙂

Check out the pattern for sale on Ravelry and Etsy, or look into buying this blanket as a custom, handmade item.

This aqua and blue palette is definitely popular. Feminine without being too flirty.

As usual, I create a concept photo including a representation of the colors. Here, I decided to make a hex for every shade. I pulled every aqua and blue in my stash! The recipient has a very sophisticated and clean living space, so I added a cool grey, and I used a soft white for the border.


Progress shot – sometimes they grow quite organically. This one sprawled out!





9 thoughts on “Geometric Lace 13

    • babylovebrand says:

      Thank you – yes, in my mind every blanket must have straight edges, although there’s a lot of pretty, more organic looking work out there! I just need my rectangle and square… 🙂

  1. Kate says:

    Hi, I love this blanket and have just downloaded the pattern from your Etsy store. Please can you tell me what type of yarn/wool you use please? Is it Aran or double knitting? I’m in the UK so don’t know if these wool types translate so apologies in advance if they don’t!

    • babylovebrand says:

      Hi! On my blankets I use “worsted weight” yarn… For me in the US, this is the weight in between Aran and DK. I use a size K (6.5mm) for it. Thank you for your support! Email me any time for pattern clarification. 🙂

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