Babouska Rose Blanket Tutorial


My new love! The Babouska Rose Blanket. I am making this blanket, and have documented some tips for maximized results, so I decided to write some pattern support.

Related Materials:

See my horrible phone screenshot of the motif chart below… I interpreted the little plus sign in the circle as “SC in the back bars of the stitch indicated.” (Notes: Not the stitch *post*, rather just the back bars. Also, I worked a slip stitch instead of an SC to eliminate extra bulk.)


Here is a square from the pattern, with my modifications that I documented below.

***Due to a high number of requests, I have re-organized my entire collection of free patterns! The bad news is, this pattern has been relocated to my crafter site…

Click here to see the rest of this pattern


33 thoughts on “Babouska Rose Blanket Tutorial

    1. According to the pattern, it’s 5 stitches in each petal for petal rounds 1 & 2, for petal round 3, it’s 7 stitches per petal. I didn’t modify it – came out great!

  1. Love it I’m crocheting the roses seperatly then sowing them on might be much faster doing it this way , my roses are smaller then these though, and I’m a beginner

  2. Hi, I can’t stop admiring your beautiful rose crochet.However how do I read the crochet pattern from the chart.Will appreciate your help in this.

  3. Was wondering how to start the roses. I see above it says what to do starting on the 3rd row. Need to know how to get that far please. Thank you…

    1. Hi there! All I know of is the chart, as this is not originally my pattern. One day if I get to it, I’ll write it out step-by-step! For now, it isn’t on the horizon, and the chart is all I have to offer. I know that isn’t much help! Sending positive crafterly vibes your way 🙂

  4. I would like the pattern for this rose afghan. I would also like your idea on working this pattern with the roses as a coat. Please respond.

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