Gumball 7


My seventh Gumball blanket – made for a lovely gal in North Carolina!

Check out the pattern for sale on Ravelry and Etsy, or look into buying this blanket as a custom, handmade item.

I whipped out the first center circle motifs at my oldest daughter’s Taekwodo practice. Taking your work wherever you go really helps speed it up!


Loving these colors – she saw Gumball 6 and wanted to add turquoise – came out lovely! Here are my circles getting their second color ring added. I ended up adjusting the final color frequency, because the turquoise and the red are both such strong colors. I replaced one turquoise ring and one red ring with a light pink and a medium pink. Glad I followed my gut!


Joined these beauties with the sun shining on my shoulders 🙂 Sublime.





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